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Plexiglass lamination

Plexiglass lamination is a technological process where a laminated matter (commonly flyers or certificates) is hermetically sealed between two thick parts of Plexiglass. The document is therefore protected against external effects.

Lamination is commonly performed through bonding of two Plexiglass parts together with the use of thinners, adhesives, lacquers (to make sure there are no air bubbles locked inside). A consequence of this type of lamination is a slight colour change of the printed matter within and visible seam that can turn yellow in time (adhesive does not have UV protection).

We offer the most up-to-date Plexiglass lamination technology. The latest machinery is used to achieve best results. There is no adhesive application necessary nor other types of aggressive substances or solutions are needed. As a result we get perfect crystal clear seams with no track of bubbles, no colour change of laminated matter (flyer, document, certificate).

Between the two Plexiglass plates we laminate various printed matters such as flyers, documents, cerificates, photos, bills, coins, other flat items etc. We also take care of printing of laminated item. You only need to send us the file to be printed or the actual picture.