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Custom tombstone manufacturing

One of common requirements for tombstone is its unique look. We specialize in acrylic tombstone manufacturing with respect to customers' requirements. Acrylic tombstone production process always consists of several steps:

Overall tombstone concept

Initial step is always a choice of final tomstone concept including the dimensions and shape. It is also necessary to choose right material with right features. Our custom production department will be happy to help you with technical details of your order.

In case of more complicated products it is necessary to provide us with technical drawings and specifications of product or clear schematic drawing.

Document or laminated item preparation

Next step that requires client's cooperation is tombstone content preparation, a setup of document or item that is being laminated. Documents without specific protection features (seals, stamps, handwritten signatures) can ben printed on our premises. Should this be your case, we need you to provide us with the file for printing, ideally adjusted to actual size and formate in .pdf.

If you require to laminate bills, postal stationeries, official certificates it is necessary to deliver these to our shop. If you are interested in lamination of flat items we recommend you to come around to our shop for personal consultation, eventually send us a sample of what you exactly need.

Lamination into Plexiglass

Lamination of documents and other flat items is performed with advanced technology with no use adhesives or thinners which could affect quality and visual properties of final seam. For more go to menu and click on 'Plexiglass lamination'.

Final adjustments

In order to achieve better stability of tombstone, it is often fitted with a pedestal or a stand. Most common tombstone pedestal shapes are rectangular and oval. Different shapes can be produced as well. The pedestal is ideal option for tombstone individualization or dedication engraving.

Once finished, each tombstone gets polished and bevels adjusted according to customer's requirements.