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Awards and trophies

We refer to Plexiglass trophies (and also plexiglass awards, prizes) as products made of thick transparent Plexiglass or alike acrylic materials. They consist of an elegant pedestal and trophy body commonly in form of tombstone or a plate of thick Plexiglass provided with engraved tag or trophy dedication. Shape and final look of the trophy are tailored to the type of occasion or event the trophy is related to. It also reflects customer's ideas and requirements. We are also able to produce composite trophies such as the ones consisting of more types of materials.

Lamination of flat items into core of plexiglas trophies is possible. In fact, it is expected from the very beginning. There is also an option of having your Plexiglass award/trophy lit with LED diods.

Corporate awards

Corporate awards are specific commemorative items for staff of a company. This type of award is typically granted to celebrate remarkable career milestones, succesful long term project completion or mergers. Although, corporate awards originate in the USA and English speaking countries they ever more often become a part of local corporate culture and identity.

Common example would be a plaque or award for the best employee of the month, award for the best sales representative or commemorative award for long term, or lifetime service to a corporation or an institution."

Sport trophies/cups social awards and prizes

Other types of Plexiglass trophies are awarded for winning in sport events, social events or social surveys, remarkable achievements in various fields, sponsorship appreciation or to event partners. Body of acrylic sport cup or trophy usually regards to certain occasion and final ranking of participant. Annotation with a year of event is placed on pedestal of trophy. As the name of the winning person is not known in advance, the trophy can be fitted with a plate onto which can be later the dedication easily engraved with hand tools.